Quit your Job and Turn Your Passion Into Profit

Who Am I?

 I know exactly how you feel because I was stuck in the job I didn’t like myself.

During that period, I faced all those doubts and questions you are fighting now. So no… That fear of not knowing what to do with your life is not something I learned from the book.

After years of guilt and frustration that I couldn’t be with my family when they needed me, I finally hit my breaking point and decided to do something about it. I went searching for new ways of making money that would allow me to be with my family at any time I chose and eventually, I found a way to get paid to do what I love.

More importantly, I cracked the code to escaping the rat race and started using my experience to help other dissatisfied employees start making a living doing what they actually enjoy.

My previous experiences give me the confidence to guarantee that I can help you too.

About My Program


Who It Is For?

Passinpreneurs. Corporate Women 40-60, looking to quit there job and make money doing something they enjoy. (There Passion)
Module one

Inner Inquiry


  • Be more productive and on Purpose
Module two

Profitable Passion


  • Choose the passion to grow
Module Three

Business Recipe


  • Choose your product/service
  • Goal setting
  • Research tools
Module Four

Business Vehicles


  • Choose your business system
Module Five



  • Who and What do you need to build your business.
Module Six



  • Create a supportive environment of people around you. 
Module Seven



  • See what’s been holding you back and never fail again.

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